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Installer – All-in-one package

Contains the textures and iCEnhancer with a downgrader to and the config tool. Backups your files automatically and stuff. Pretty cool.


Install iCE 3.0 files below before installing that patch. It contains a fix for the skies, clouds, trees, and an alternative dirt texture. Also contains a fix for headlights on EFLC and patch for people who don’t have sirens and stuff.

Best version for only

Steam version or latest version of GTA IV


For EFLC only


by BisonSales


by DKT70


by icelaglace

Low and mid-end configuration files

Contains few files to replace on your original iCE 3.0 installation if your game is too slow.


  • Using latest ENB
  • New timecycle
  • New depth of field from scratch
  • Lens dirt texture
  • Moving clouds
  • Whole new color processing method
  • Rewritten the files for faster performance
  • Balanced lighting in every weather
  • Correct godrays following the sun
  • Multiple new post-effects
  • Better and faster bloom
  • Better motion blur
  • Easier way to configure your settings
  • Dynamic effects changeable in-game
  • Compatible, thanks to Dax.
  • And more…

Known issues

  • AMD performance issues related to ENB
  • SSAO issues on AMD (depending of the drivers)
  • Godrays not following the sun correctly during sunset
  • Some lights are gone during nights because of new night method (Fixed, download the patch.)
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